Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

With this type of the disease it is still unclearly whether it concerns already a dementia, an initial stage of the dementia or Alzheimer's disease or an illness emerging generally independently of the dementia. Previously being certain is solely that the concerned have a higher risk for the disease at dementia or Alzheimer's disease. MCI can also be triggered by excessive stress, anxiwty or depression. The research is still unclearly how the disease with dementia and Alzheimer's disease related and whether this can be treated by means of medicines, which are also used for dementia or Alzheimer's patients.

The central characteristic of this disease pattern is that the concerned individuals have greater memory problems, than for the development and age-group in that it be usually is.  Next to the memory problems, they have however no problems in the area of the rational decisions and the general behavior or the personality development. They can lead therefore chiefly a "normal" independent life.
A problem is also the recognition of this type of the disease. Different tests must be carried out, Therefore, simultaneously exclude which prove both, that the patient has a memory interference, but that this became ill with dementia. How you can take out of the executions, this area is can be made yet research zone and it to the present moment no definitive statements on the origin and treatment of the illness.