Course of disease

 Early dementia 


  •     Losing orientation
  •     Difficulties with handling money and paying bills
  •     Repetition of questions
  •     The execution of routine tasks takes longer than usual
  •     Losing or mislaying objects in unusual places
  •     Change of personality and mood

Moderate dementia


  •     Increased memory loss and confusion
  •     Difficulties with recognizing family members and friends
  •     Inability to learn new things
  •     Unstable fine motor skills, observable at actions like writing, painting or dressing
  •     Difficulties with complex actions
  •     Hallucinations and paranoia
  •     Impulsive behaviour

 Advanced dementia


  •     Inability to recognize himself or family members
  •     Inability to communicate
  •     Weight loss
  •     Attacks
  •     infections of the dermis
  •     Difficulties with swallowing
  •     Moaning or grunting
  •     Losing control of bladder and bowel