Support for relatives

This point is a part of the portal for the families, who are entrusted with the support and care of persons with Alzheimer's or Dementia . Alzheimer isn't until now curable, so it is especially important that you have the knowledge, how the person with dementia can be treated so that the effects of the disease will be retained as long as possible and the situation will easier for your relative.

Both chapters which make all efforts to this topic

    the therapy options and
    the coping with everyday life

If the disease of the person has already progressed so far that the families can no longer handle the situation alone, so the benefits should be taken nursing or nursing home. The information on this topic can be found at the point care of insurance.

General contact and information on the Internet about Alzheimer's disease are found at the points

    Informations centers and
    Online Information

We hope this area will help you. This area isn't only for the person with dementia but also for you to cope better in difficult situations.